December 2

Suicide Epidemic: Law Enforcement, First Responders & Veterans


The Voice of Peace

Lights out! 

A final farewell to family and friends by ones on hands, leaves family and friends to wonder, “What did I miss?” “What could I have done to help them?”

Suicide is a growing epidemic that my fellow Brothers and Sisters in law enforcement, first responders and military personnel succumb to daily. Sadly, those who take their own lives are no longer looked at for all the good they offered the world, but are viewed as an outcast, a failure or weak for taking their lives. They are made to be an example of what you shouldn’t be like, never addressing the underline issues of what they faced. 

What some people fail to see is that on a daily bases law enforcement, first responders and military personnel carry the weight of responsibility to be a guardian and a protector upon this land. The things they see can never be erased from their memories, which “…are not flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” They have tread in the devils den. 

Though companies and government entities are bringing more awareness to it, I must admit, members however feel like “Big Brother” is looking and whatever they say will be used against them. Thereby destroying any thought of their future to maintain in a field they love. 

Because some leaders do not believe in psychiatric world of medicine, jokes are made if you find yourself in need to seek help. So the individual are left to fend for themselves and are faced with not only dealing with this heavy and unbearable weight on their own, but the families that also depend on them as well. 

So instead of talking it out with a trusted members, they hide behind the shadows of alcohol, prescription drugs and other addictive behaviors to escape the pressure. We are now dealing with the wounded warrior who are incapable of helping themselves. 

I’m here to tell you, sometimes the rescuers need to be rescued. 

As leaders, it important to take care of those who sacrifice themselves daily for the sake of their communities by making it a daily practice to check in with them physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

When one is struggling, don’t look at it as a mark of shame, but an opportunity to not only lift them up, but to give them give resources that will help them to deal with the burdens they carry.

They lay down their lives for our communities. Let our community leaders unite together and show them are not only loved, appreciated, honored but are able to stand proudly without fear.

May they know, “You are not forgotten! Don’t give up on us, because we will not give up on you.”

🙏 Edie Darling – Ambassador of Peace.


voice of peace

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