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Dear Peacemakers Around the World ...

Like many of us we have seen the powder keg of injustice, bigotry, hatred, prejudice and increasing violence that has loomed over our horizons. Citizens around the world know that if something is not done soon, imminent destruction is at hand.

Let us come united as One Voice and help resurrect the voice of peace as in the days of old such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.

Edie Darling, Ambassador of Peace is that voice.

Since 1994, Edie Darling has acted as an Ambassador of Peace as a law enforcement officer, community leader, pastor, activist, Senior Chaplain in the Department of Detention and Corrections, a radio show host committed to bridging the gap between community and law enforcement, she has helped bring our communities together beyond the bounds of culture, faith and background.

Her relevant professional experience as well as her faith and passion for helping others has made her an excellent candidate for appointment to a United States International Ambassador at Large – Ambassador of Peace.

Ambassador Edie Darling has previously been submitted for Presidential Nomination by several elected officials and community members alike from the United States to the White House. With this appointment we ask for her to receive U.S. Diplomatic Immunity so that she may spread peace locally, nationally, and internationally.

We recognize her longevity, dedication and commitment to this life’s work and respectfully submit that she be appointed officially and recognized as a United Stated International Ambassador at Large – Ambassador of Peace.

Peacemakers around the world!  We are urging you to sign and circulate this petition and entreat the President to make this appointment expeditiously, for the time is now to restore much needed peace in the world.

Let the People’s Voice ring loud as a sounding trumpet from every Nation, far and wide from every tribe and every tongue shout “We Are One.” Let us walk in Peace. Let’s stand together as One and get it done.